We are offering any tax help for individuals, businesses and others affected by COVID-19

We are offering remote tax service

As EDD said: The sudden and immense impact of COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. Therefore, we are offering remote tax service right now. Please contact us by PHONE: 909-300-5688/626-921-2929 or EMAIL: to consulting which tax service you may need.

  1. For Individual Tax Return Service, please provide all of the documents as following:

  • The identity certificate of the tax payer (ID or driver's license, issued by the state government), if there is no ID, the tax can also be declared, but it may affect the processing time of tax refund.

  • Proof of income: form W2 or form 1099, k-1, ssa-1099 social security payments, bank interest, stock market returns, unemployment benefits, etc.

  • Medical insurance (1095) form,Form 1095-a (provided by medical insurance company),Form 1095-b (government free medical insurance - provided by medical insurance company),Form 1095-c (provided by the health insurance company of the employer).

  • Home address and phone number.

  • If you need a bank transfer to pay tax, you need to prepare a bank check or bank account number.

  • If you have small children and low income, you also need: Doctor's note or injection card (for children not in school) or School attendance certificate (for children attending school).

  • If you have self-occupied housing: please provide form 1098 (bank loan interest), housing tax.

  • If there is a house for rent: please provide form 1098 (bank loan interest), land tax, annual rental income and all kinds of expenses related to rent. Such as: water, electricity, gas, housing insurance, maintenance and so on.

  • If there are child care expenses (for children aged 12 and under) : Kindergarten certificate - a copy of the kindergarten's name, address, tax return number, annual payment amount or check paid. Hire a nanny - please provide a copy of the nanny's name, card number, address, annual payment or cheque.

  • If you go to university, you need to provide tuition materials: form 1098-t (provided by the university), and form 1098-e (student loan interest).